Regional Working Group Central Asia and the Caucasus (REZUK)

The regional working group “Central Asia and the Caucasus” was founded during the DGSKA-Conference in Konstanz in October 2019.

It wants to serve as a platform for the scientific exchange among Social/Cultural Anthropologists and representatives of other disciplines working on the less established regional context of Central Asia and the Caucasus. The group also aims to consolidate the impulses and insights from this research area and contribute these to the wider national and international debate in Social/Cultural Anthropology.

Furthermore, we are interested in joint activities with already existing regional and thematic groups within the DGSKA. Possible themes in this regard are: post-socialist change and continuity, labour migration (with destination Russian Federation), trends in Muslim societies or regional integration projects such as China’s initiative of a “New Silk Road”.

The regional group advocates an inclusive understanding of territoriality and area, i.e. we also want to take into account those translocal entanglements that exist between former Soviet Republics and their neighbours such as Russia, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Mongolia or Turkey.


Philipp Schröder (University of Freiburg),

Deputee speaker

Susanne Fehlings (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main)